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In an unprecedented move, Redymix DMT will be making its debut this Carnival in Dominica as the headline DJ for Hysteria Mas, one of the biggest mas bands on the island. What makes this of greater significance is the scheduled date. Dominca’s Carnival coincides with T&T’s celebrations, Feb 12-13 2018. This effectively means that Shomari KRL will be missing the Carnival revelry in his home country, described by many as the “mecca” of Carnival.

Known throughout the world as “the nature Island” Dominica’s Carnival has been described as ”Mas Domnik…….. translated as the ‘Real Mas’ ( Seemingly smaller than the grand celebrations held by some of its Caribbean neighbors, Dominica Carnival holds its own against the larger islands by offering its own unique brand to the party experience. The Carnival showcases the strong “bouyon” culture of the island. From the vibrant costumes, the passion shown by the citizens and the fusions of Soca influences from across the Caribbean this experience leaves you wanting more.

There was some doubt as to whether the celebrations could take place after the passage of the massive category 5 Hurricane Maria which ravaged the country in 2017, causing tremendous loss to infrastructure across the island, and leaving many natives unsure of the road ahead.The island however has made the bold step to show triumph and strength through tragedy. After several meetings with stakeholders across the

island, a decision was made to continue with Carnival celebrations for 2018. Geida Seaman, Executive Member of Hysteria Mas, explained that the decision was also taken as a measure to continue the morale boost across the island and to show the world that despite the devastation of the hurricane, the island can “bounce back and even stronger than before”. This resilient concept embodies Hysteria’s presentation for 2018 “Phoenix Rise”. Identifying the plea by Many Dominican’s to bring forth the band for 2018, Hysteria’s official website identifies that “…Hysteria took everything into consideration and adjusted to a more subdued, appropriate variation of the spectacular production that we had planned for our dedicated masqueraders who have undoubtedly suffered so much.” The site goes on by describing their 2018 theme, “Hysteria Mas presents, Phoenix Rise; turning tragedy into Epic fantasy. Rebirth, Illuminate and Soar with your Ultimate Carnival Experience!”

Given the devastation that Dominca has faced, Shomari KRL considers this one of his most important regional trips to date even at a time when all his peers will be on the streets of Port of Spain. The buzz and excitement surrounding Redymix DMT being part of the band is mutually shared by Shomari. Not only has it given him the opportunity to travel to a new destination, but he sees this as the appropriate time to contribute to a nation and an audience that has lost so much. He believes that it is important to contribute towards the social rebuilding process as much as the infrastructural. Partnering with Hysteria, a band built by young energetic and committed Dominican nationals is his way of being part of that process. Additionally, no one can deny the power of carnival and soca music as a unifying and uplifling force in any part of the world!

The DMT presence will still be felt in Trinidad, as Selecta Kerry will be on the road Monday and Tues in T&T with Yuma Vybe. For more on Hysteria Mas, the ultimate Carnival Experience 9Powered by GX Sounds & Lights), log on to their website at

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