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AMGINE (A Movement Geared to Impeccable Novelty Entertainment)

A:M Dawn: Photo courtesy e-mages Photography

When people think about quality events in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, they think Amgine Entertainment. What started as a few friends throwing occasional house parties has blossomed into a movement that has changed the way Vincentians party forever.I decided to sit down with Kevin Robinson, one of the founders of Amgine for an intimate one on one to learn more about the origins of this brand, their current ventures and their plans for the future. I met up with “Robby” as he is affectionately called by many, on a relaxing Saturday afternoon at French Verandah, which is one of the best places to drink and unwind with friends while taking in the gorgeous ocean views poolside.

The 32 year old Jamaican native moved to St. Vincent straight out of UWI in 2008 to work for an offshore company called Discovery Works Legal and while there teamed up with Ms. Naticia Lewis to host small events for his company once they realized there was a comparative lack of nightlife in SVG. Over time they upgraded from house parties to beach parties and those grew in patronage to the point where they decided it was time to expand once more. Inspiration came when Kevin and another colleague returned to Jamaica for graduation and felt the excitement of the people looking forward to the many events in the Christmas season. Realizing that there were no such events at that time in SVG, in December 2008, Amgine produced their first major event, “LYME & BOOZE” which is now known as HYPNOSIS.

Kevin Robinson, one of the creative geniuses behind Amgine Entertainment.

When I asked what sets Amgine events apart from other events in SVG, he expressed that their primary goal was to provide a quality entertainment to patrons, while always incorporating some new element that would enhance the experience of every event. Kevin expressed that to him, the three major keys for a successful event are music, ambiance and service. Once these elements come together properly, it almost always guarantees that patrons have such a good time, that excitement and anticipation builds for the next event.

A:M (Always Memorable)

Kevin recalls how AM came to be. It was basically 2 friends heading to Bequia on a boat cruise on Easter Sunday and being so captivated by the ambiance and vibe of the entire island that they abandoned that cruise and stayed there despite having no plans nor accommodation. After that experience, Kevin and business partner Edmund Joachim decided an Amgine Event had to be done on Bequia during Easter. In 2013, armed with the experience of breakfast parties in Trinidad, AM Red Dawn: The All Inclusive Experience was born. At the outset, they came out the gate swinging with an experience patrons were not soon to forget. They were also the first to incorporate souvenir mugs which has become a staple when attending an Amgine party. From this, RUM, another concept event was introduced. This was a non-inclusive event which still managed to provide the same level of quality at a more affordable price.

This year, both events have been added to the Vincy Mas calendar. When asked, Kevin said that this decision came about from receiving feedback from foreigners wanting to experience Vincy mas but wanting more diverse choices in events to attend. With the support of the CDC (Carnival Development Committee), they have added these events to spaces in the calendar which were previously unoccupied. When asked what patrons can expect from both AM and RUM this Carnival, he simply stated that new unique features have been added in addition to new locations for both events, with amazing drinks options, diverse food menus to satisfy anyone’s appetite and some of the most dynamic DJs from both SVG and the Caribbean region.

The Redymix Experience

Shomari on stage at A:M Dawn, in Bequia during Easter 2016

On the subject of DJs, when asked about Amgine’s relationship with Redymix DMT, Kevin sang them the highest of praises dubbing them his official DJs. This partnership came about through Calvin “DJ CJ” Llewellyn. Kevin said they were randomly talking about DJs within the region and CJ mentioned these guys from Trinidad who were very good at what they do. So Amgine made the decision to have them play at the first AM RED DAWN. They were WOWED to say the least. Shomari KRL and Mikey Singh impressed Kevin and his committee so much by the response of the crowd when they played. Laughing to himself, he said from that initial moment he wished Redymix could just DJ the entire party; and so a long term collaboration was formed. He stated that he respected Redymix for their willingness to work with their budget. He also appreciates the enthusiasm Shomari has shown to the Amgine Brand, by the willingness to promote Amgine events, even if Redymix is not performing, spreading the Amgine name to their network of supporters. He also respect that since day one, the DMT team has always been cost effective for him adding that at times he wants to just pay them extra for helping to elevate the vibes of his events! Kevin stated that he continues to rely on Redymix until the day they disappoint and he doesn’t see that happening anytime soon!

He thanked the DMT nation for the opportunity to give some insight into AMGINE ENTERTAINMENT and

thanked everyone for their continued support and is encouraging everyone to come and experience the uniqueness off Vincy mas.

Ohh Before I forget, for all the regional and international supporters of AMGINE ENTERTAINMENT, keep a look out, as an Amgine Event may be coming to your shores a lot sooner than you think. ;)

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