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Welcome to Redymix DMT 2.0!!!

Welcome to 2.0!!

As an improvement to our first website which was launched in October 2014, the newly designed home of the DMT Crew has refocused to a modern look, allowing for easier access to content, while making information more compact and direct for our visitors!

In addition to the new layout:

  1. Check out our re designed Blog page, which allows easy access to articles and updates on the DMT crew!

  2. More organised access to mixes and other new content from our home page.

  3. Photos and Videos have their own separate pages (Our full Video library is located at our official youtube channel)

  4. Go to our event page to purchase tickst for specified events.

  5. Search through all content with the search bar on the home page

  6. Check out Selecta Kerry’s profile on our newly designed about page

Email us and tell us what you think about our new design... click here


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