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The launching of any internet presence with the name Redymix DMT cannot be done without making honourable mention to an individual who has influenced the growth of the DJ entity. Kennis Miguel London / Kennis Redymix London was born on February 10th 1981 and died on August 10th 2010. A life cut short due to complications related to Sickle Cell, a disease his mother is vigorously trying to raise awareness of.

Kennis lived for entertaining, and as a member of REDYMIX DMT he would traverse the length and breadth of the country playing at events, where his exceptional talents in mic-ing and mc-ing were always full of energy.

However many knew Kennis for his humble personality and his eagerness to always help others who pushed the envelope of entertainment. To many, Kennis was always a kind person, a loyal and trusted friend, and having all other qualities that endeared him to others.

Every day that goes by does not make the loss of him any less painful, but we always take comfort in knowing that he is in a better place. That he is at peace and that he is watching down on all of us, our very own Guardian Angel.


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